What to Bring to Campus

Suggestions for your space

Holy reminders
Holy reminders (photo: Unsplash)

Catholic Things

❍ crucifix for above your bed 

❍ rosary

❍ Bible

❍ prayer journal 

❍ nightstand to set up for a prayer corner in your room (for your Bible and journal, a candle, devotionals, saint statue, etc.)

❍ your favorite saint or Jesus image to hang on the wall 

❍ a veil (if you wear one)


Practical Things 

❍ organizational bins 

❍ planner

❍ steamer for clothes

❍ shower caddy

❍ extra pairs of sheets

❍ air fresheners if your dorm does not allow candles 

❍ cozy blankets and throw pillows 

❍ lamp

❍ storage bins for under your bed 

❍ a plant (or several)

❍ your favorite hobbies (books, 

 paint supplies, guitar, etc.!)


‘Rowing Team’

The Commonly Misunderstood Common Good

“By common good is to be understood ‘the sum total of social conditions which allow people, either as groups or as individuals, to reach their fulfillment more fully and more easily.’” (CCC 1906)